All aboard the Milk Train!

I’m the type of person that a bit of cold isn’t going to hold me back from getting some ice cream.

I mean, some things are worth sacrificing for, and if you haven’t seen plastered all over Instagram already – Milk Train’s dreamy concoction is definitely one of them.


One of their most sought after offerings is their cotton-candy clouds, which on the day we went, surrounded either vanilla, matcha, or black sesame (flavour of the day) ice cream.

My friend and I both went for the black sesame with Oreos and chocolate sauce which was deliciously rich and nutty – you should definitely ask the nice people of Milk Train for a sample if you haven’t tried it before, especially if you like peanut butter! The waffle cone was crisp and tasty too, and (to our delight) fit a surprising amount of ice cream inside.


However, a word to the wise – if you wanna do it for the ‘gram, you better do it fast! Otherwise, this might happen and trust me it’ll happen fast…

Luckily (probably with this in mind) our ice creams came with wet wipes, so no need to despair.


Definitely not smug with my cup. At all.


If you’re a craving-icecream-in-the-middle-of-winter kinda gal like me, you can hop on the wagon here:

Milk Train Cafe | 44 Bedford St, London WC2E

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