The Winter Glow

I haven’t always been a big highlighter wearer, but whether due to the whole hype with strobing or just the general dullness of the winter months, I’ve been enjoying giving my skin an extra boost in the glow department.

For a barely-there glow, I reach for the Kelvin Alcoin Creamy Duo. This little compact contains their classic contour and highlight in a cream formula, both of which I’ve hit pan on and is probably past their time for me to show. I usually apply this with my ring finger onto my brows and top of the cheekbones, which provides a highlight that is there but hardly detectable.

To step it up a notch while keeping in the realms of a natural look (and the option I tend to go for most days), the highlighter in the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Go is my favourite. Applied lightly with their Sculpting brush or something similar, it lends a glow that is perfect for cheeks, and over the brows that lights up my face in just the right way. It’s a pricey product but well worth it for what’s inside (and how it looks on the outside) in my opinion!

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