The £2 Mascara I Can’t Put Down

After using up every last drop of my favourite Fairydrops Scandal Queen mascara,  I picked up its sister the Fairydrops Quattro, thinking it’ll be like a non-waterproof version of Scandal Queen. They are nothing alike. After long weeks of painting my eyelids accidentally with the wand and wet formula that went everywhere, enough was enough.

Whilst browsing in Superdrug the other day, I picked the Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Black mascara up on a whim to make up my 3 for 2 offer, and I was pleasantly surprised! After using it for a week or two now it’s just getting better and better – it’s basically everything I liked from the Scandal Queen, minus the clump and the mess (eyelid issues again, it’s the Fairydrops wand I think). It’s got a long curved wand that picks up all my stubby little lashes and lifts them, gives a fair bit of lengthening and definition, and on top of that it barely cost a thing! Although I suspect the waterproof Scandal Queen shaped hole in my stash might mean I will end up repurchasing it sooner or later, I’m too busy enjoying this non-waterproof, everyday-friendly number to mind for now.

If you are ever in Superdrug, I’d highly recommend checking this out!

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